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  Japanese Wagyu Sushi

At Osaki's, we strive to obtain the highest quality product from Japanese blue fin tuna to premium Japanese Wagyu.
So whether you choose to engage yourself in our Omakase or to simply enjoy our great selection of sushi rolls, Osaki's will offer you a dining experience that is not only memorable but one that is exquisitely unique.

      Onigoroshi and Uragasumi Zen Sake

Our beverage menu consists of Japanese beer, an international selection of white and red wines and a spectrum of Japanese Sake that varies from very sweet to very dry.

Prices vary depending on the season. If you have questions, please call.

  Osaki dine in menu 2016-2017 winter final.pdf

  Osaki sushi menu 2017.pdf

  Osaki take out menu 2017.pdf